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BAMN Design Principles - Mens short
BAMN Design Principles - Mens short

Design Principles


BAMN was founded with a mission to infuse the mindset cultivated through training and a passion for exploration into every aspect of our lives. We wholeheartedly embrace the current era of technology and information, which has given rise to a new generation of individuals eager for knowledge and unafraid to venture into unexplored territories. BAMN is a community of like-minded individuals who share this zeal for the possibilities at hand. What distinguishes us is that our designers are also the end-users. We develop our products based on what we perceive as missing from our own closets, continually improving them based on real-world performance. Our design principles are firmly rooted in the integration of performance, adaptability, and resilience, tailored to serve this emerging generation of high-achievers in all their pursuits.

Design Principles - Aurora Power Cropped Tee – Dessert Sand - BAMN Athleisure
Design Principles - Aurora Performance Tank- Onyx - BAMN athleisure
Design Principles - Aurora Essential Tee - Platinum - BAMN athleisure


A standard that dictates the minimum level of performance for all our products. Whether it be our apparel’s compression, flexibility, or ergonomics, we pay attention to the subtle qualities that elevate a product’s capacity. To us, it’s about ensuring functionality for movement in every item, regardless of the activity level. We achieve this by sourcing technical fabrics that seamlessly blend performance and design in every scenario. 


A standard that guides us to design a fusion of “athletic” and “leisure” wear, incorporating your daily life in and outside of the gym. We’re committed to engineering products and sourcing materials that can adapt to the perfect fit, sizing and style, creating looks that make you want to perform your best.


A standard we use to apply to both the performance of our products and their design; ensuring versatility that takes moisture-control, breathability and durability into consideration. We aim to create products that achieve an ideal balance between practicality and comfort, optimizing both aesthetics and usability in each piece of clothing.

We’re driven by a passion for solving challenges through apparel, seamlessly integrating solutions into our products without altering their essential character. In every BAMN product, there’s an added value that sets us apart from other brands. We’re not reinventing apparel; we’re refining it.

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Whether our designs inspire a more intense workout, creativity, style, entrepreneurial spirit, or simply prepare you for the unpredictability of the day, we’re shaping the future of apparel. How you choose to utilize it is entirely up to you. Join us at BAMN, where we’re all about embracing the future with open arms, one exceptional product at a time.